And the winner is…

On May 9, 2007 SEOmoz announced its 2007 Web 2.0 Awards.  The list includes over 200 Web 2.0 sites in 41 different categories.  In addition to the top 3 with a mini summary of what it does for each category, all of the honorable mentions are also listed.  If you’re looking for a summary chart it can be found here

There were a few surprises along with many I expected to see.  It was no surprise that several Google sites showed up including GoogleMaps in the Mapping category, Personalized Google in the Start Pages category, and Picasa in the Photos and Digital Images category just to name a few.  I was excited to see some of my favorites like Flickr, NetVibes, Craigslist, LibraryThing, and YouTube

There were also a couple surprises as well.  In the Social Networking category Facebook got number 1, while MySpace only received an honorable mention.  This surprises me because of the way in which Facebook limits its members while MySpace is open to anyone and everyone.  Facebook, for those of you who don’t know, was originally created as a social networking website for colleges who chose to allow their students to sign-up using their institution’s email address. At some point they began allowing high school students to sign-up (I’m not sure how they moderated who was allowed to join from this point on) and then began allowing anyone associated with some sort of institution to join.

Another surprise was that Amazon didn’t make the cut.  I assumed with their user recommendations and recent addition of tagging that they would be a great contestant for a Web 2.0 application that would at least receive an honorable mention.

If nothing else, this list was a great tool for me to learn about some Web 2.0 applications that I might not have known about.  In fact it even taught me about some Web 2.0 categories that I didn’t know about.  I had a lot of fun exploring the sites that I had never heard about or knew very little about.  This would also be a great resource for any library hoping to jump on the Web 2.0 bandwagon because it would help them to start with the best of the best.  I was also very impressed that all of the sites I looked at offered most, if not all, of their service(s) for free!

found via LibrarianInBlack

3 responses to “And the winner is…

  1. Very interesting! I have read some bad things about Amazon’s customer service recently, maybe that colored some opinions.

  2. A new librarian blog on the scene! Yippee!

    Hoping to see more stuff on pop culture librarianship!

  3. Hey Pop
    the awards listing is very interesting. Quick note, effective Sept 2006 Face Book became opened to everyone according to the Face Book blog, see: If you have a chance in addition to the blog you should check out some of the Face Book stats outlined in the wikipedia page on face book some of the stats are pretty amazing.

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