My HTML/Webpage Experience

For my LIS 753: Internet Fundamentals and Design I had the awesome opportunity to design a webpage of my choosing using HTML. This was an interesting experience for me. I had used HTML at a minimum before inserting bits and pieces of code into my MySpace and Live Journal pages, but I’d never actually created something from scratch. Not surprisingly I have a very curious personality, so most of the time I was playing around trying to figure out how to do this or how to insert that. To me, putting together a webpage is like putting the pieces of a puzzle together (I also love a good brainteaser). You take the basics and then determine how to put them together to create something that makes sense.

After putting together a majority of the webpage I received the html books I had ordered from in the mail. Before taking a look at the books I had filled my webpage with tables that would create the look and feel I was going for. After taking a look at Wendy Lehnert’s “Web Wizard’s Guide to HTML” and Elizabeth Castro’s “Creating a Web Page with HTML: Visual QuickProject Guide” I learned about the ease of frames for doing somthing similar to what I tried to accomplish. So if I had the chance to do something like this again I would probably include frames.

Since I created this fictitious webpage with the library I work for in mind I tried to keep the look and the feel of the page similar to what the library currently uses. I also wanted to make sure that I included the library’s resources and linked back to the library’s homepage. On the main page I included a “News and Happenings” section which, in a real website, would come from an RSS feed created by a blog. I also found that I did a lot of copy and pasting between the pages I was creating in order to keep the look and feel consistent across the board.

I really had an excellent time creating this page for my class assignment and it has really made me hope that I get to have some input in creating or adding content to the webpage for whatever library I end up working for.  This was an invaluable experience and gave me the background I need to be able to work with HTML in the future.

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