About Me!

My name is Aimee.  I’m in my final semester of library school!  I’m taking one class, LIS 768: Library 2.0 and Social Networking, and doing a practicum in Information Literacy Instruction.  Right now I work part-time in two small academic libraries in suburbs of Chicago.  Needless to say my next few months will be extremely busy!

When I finish my MLIS I hope to be able to work in an academic library as an instructional librarian.  I’m getting married next summer to my fiance Chris.  We have an adorable cat named Tigger who likes to pounce on me in the middle of the night to wake me up for no reason (of course I don’t usually consider him so adorable when this happens at 3 am).  That’s how he got his name.

By taking LIS 768 I hope to be able to broaden my knowledge of the application of Library 2.0 services for academic libraries.  I’m hoping that this L2 knowledge will give me more value as I put myself out there in search of jobs in the library world and will help me to bring a little something extra to the jobs I already have.

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