Wifi and Libraries

In class Wednesday night we were assigned to groups and asked to discuss the impact that certain types of technology have had on library services. My group was asked to discuss Wifi technology. One of main things we talked about was the effect that it will have on acquisitions and storage. With the wireless devices such as laptops, PDAs, and most recently the iPhone libraries really need to start rethinking the issues of acquisitions and storage. The main question becomes… do we need to start to consider acquiring more resources that are compatible with such devices and if we do will that be the user’s preferred mode of access. Then of course if we do choose to acquire these sorts of materials will that change the way that we are storing these items?


3 responses to “Wifi and Libraries

  1. Great job, I think you hit all the main points very well, thanks!

  2. One thing you have to remember about acquisition and storage of electronic resources is the way tech changes. You need a guarantee that material will still be accessible (or easily transferable) in the future. That being said, the whole open library thing with text of monographs becoming available in the same way full text journal articles are available (depending on the vendor and whether or not the complete run of a particular journal is archived on line) is wonderful. UIUC is doing a lot with digitizing material….

  3. а все таки: превосходно!!

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