Content Generators

Libraries can make use of custom content generators as a free, easy, and creative way to create posters and marketing tools for themselves. If you’ve never heard of custom content generators let me explain myself before I go any further. Trust me, you’re going to want to know what this is. A custom content generator is a website of web service that helps you, the user, to take something (a picture for example) and customize it to fit your needs. This is also a form of user-generated content.

Some libraries are using custom content generators to create ads for their events. For example, Lewis and Clark Library System hosted a gaming night for which they created these really cool looking poster ads with different characters talking about going to gaming at the library. You can see an example on their Flickr account. One way that I keep track of the latest, and sometimes most interesting, content generators is through The Generator Blog. They usually post 2 or 3 different generator sites per week that can do some really cool things for your library or just might be fun to play around with. My recent favorites are the Pocket Emo Generator and the M&Ms Character Generator.

Meet Madame Punky In Your Face (they provide naming options for you!)


Who’s to say all librarians can’t be M&Ms out there on the internet?! 😉


2 responses to “Content Generators

  1. what fun! I had to try out the pocket emo and the MandM sites. Thanks for passing these on.

  2. Nice information=D Hope to come back again.

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