Prior to this week I had only ever heard of Ning.  Now I fear that I may become addicted.  Much like MySpace and Facebook, Ning is a social networking website.  What sets Ning apart from other social networking sites is that you join groups that a user created.  I love it!  While in Ning I created profiles with two different groups my LIS768 class ( and the Library 2.0 ( group.  Thanks to The Utopian Librarian for putting together the class Ning, I’m having a blast playing around with it!

I think something like this has great potential for libraries both on the staff and user level.  First, it would be a great way for staff to stay connected and share things with each other instead of the old fashioned (ok it’s going to be weird saying this is old fashioned!) let’s-send-out-an-email-and-copy-the-whole-staff way of communicating.  Also, it would be great for users to be able to be a part of their library’s Ning group and learn about library news and events that way.  It’s just a way of stepping outside of the library website box!


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