Second Life

Although libraries and librarians seem to have caught on to the wonder that is Second Life, one of the biggest complaints that any Second Life users have is that they never see anyone else roaming around the virtual world. This seems like a trend with any new sort of online technology that explodes in its own time. I remember when Facebook membership was limited to only a small number of large universities. Well I beginning to think that Second Life’s time has come.

I was both shocked and excited when I learned that Dwight Schrute from NBCs The Office was going to be exploring Second Life on last week’s episode. Then I got even more excited when I learned that just the night before CSI: NY had done an episode featuring Second Life! And to top it all off there is now a Virtual CSI: NY in Second life where you can go and solve the crime just like the detectives did on the show!

Hopefully exposure in these two popular television shows is just the push Second Life needed to take off and we’ll all be seeing a few more people walking around now.

Here’s a clip of Second Life in The Office in case anyone missed it…


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