YouTube You-sability!

As an avid YouTube watcher I have never actually uploaded anything to be watched.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but just never had the time.  I sat down at my computer all ready to upload my first video when I realized that I had no way to get my video onto my computer.  Once I’ve figured out how to do so I will upload a video and post here about my experience.

In the mean time YouTube has made tech news this week with its new multifile uploader.  According to a C|Net article the new uploader will allow users to upload multiple files and has increased the maximum file size from 10MB to 1GB.  I also learned something new about YouTube that I had always wondered about.  I knew that videos were limited to 10 minutes, but I would always come across videos that were much longer and I always wondered how those people got around the time limit.  Apparently YouTube also has a “director” category that people can sign up for.  This category is designed for people who create their own content to upload.  According to the YouTube help center, however, they are no longer allowing anyone to upload anything longer than 10 minutes but people who had the option previously will still be allowed to.


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