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This is why I love Nintendo!

Library Journal News reported that Nintendo has donated 21 Wiis to public libraries to encourage library gaming!

Way to go Nintendo on such a great donation to help get users back to showing an interest in the library!  After the research I did last spring on how gaming programs impact teen use of the library I really understand what a positive impact these gaming initiatives can have on library usage.

It’s great to see large companies like Nintendo supporting the library!  I hope a lot more decide to jump on the bandwagon.


Librarians can have a sense of humor too

Every once in a while its good to be able to take a step back, look at your profession, and laugh about the quirks that can create a bond with other that do the same work you do.  And I’m not talking about being rude or blunt in anyway.  This is the purely humorous kind of funny that I’m finding more and more common as I continue to meet librarians.

The Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette blog is just the pale to go for this type of humor.  The blogs tagline alone is enough to get a small chuckle… “A Polite Librarian is a Good Librarian.”  Recently the two bloggers who contribute to the site, Sal and J, have had a series of posts related to Library 2.0 and the Internet Librarian 2007 Conference.  Four of these posts are “Library 2.0, Believing in,” “Library 2.0, Embracing,” Wikis, and “Conferences, Blogging.”

And of course I have to quote my most recent favorite, as I had an experience with the same situation….

Unexpected, Expecting the

Librarians should not waste time preparing for library instruction sessions. It is a law of librarianship that a teaching faculty member will always ask something random and unrelated of you in the middle of your guest lecture to the class. With little or no warning, you’ll be asked to spend 30-45 minutes demonstrating how to do mail merge in Microsoft Word?”